• Hang out with Tips On Tour

    Hang out with Tips On Tour

    We're bringing loads of hands-on demos, giveaways and practical advice to a home improvement store near you.

  • Product Demos

    Product Demos

    You know Liquid Nails construction adhesives can bond just about everything together. But how fast? How strong? Even below freezing?

  • Giveaways


    Grab some FREE snacks. Talk shop with us. Take home some Liquid Nails freebies like t-shirts, hats and more. And did we mention snacks?

  • Ask the Experts

    Ask the Experts

    We call it Tips On Tour for a reason. Our brand ambassadors can help you nail down the best products and the best techniques for any job.

  • Rebates


    Every visitor can get up to $50 Cash Back on Liquid Nails brand purchases.

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