• Hang out with Tips On Tour

    Hang out with Tips On Tour

    We're bringing loads of hands-on demos, giveaways and practical advice to a home improvement store near you.

  • Product Demos

    Product Demos

    You know Liquid Nails construction adhesives can bond just about everything together. But how fast? How strong? In wet conditions? What about this to that? Even below freezing?

    See for yourself.
  • Giveaways


    Grab some FREE snacks.
    Talk shop with us.
    Take home some Liquid Nails Brand freebies like t-shirts, hats and more.
    And did we mention snacks?
  • Ask the Experts

    Ask the Experts

    We call it Tips On Tour for a reason. Our brand ambassadors know all the tricks to help you nail down the best products and the best techniques for any job.
  • Rebates


    Every visitor can get up to $50 Cash Back on Liquid Nails brand purchases.

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